ELD Compliance System (Electronic Logging Device)


The MVT-360 ELD Compliance System provides operators with certified compliance of key requirements that meet regulations in both Canada and the USA.  This includes the US FMCSA standards for Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports and other other key electronic logging requirements that meet the 49 CFR Parts  385, 386, 390, and 395 Final Rule that went into effect December 2017.

The MVT-360 hardware connects directly to the J1939 port and comes in various versions to support your needs, The MVT-360 ELD connects to the vehicle engine and records engine events alongside GPS data and hours of service rules. Other than going on and off duty, the system is completely automated and little interaction is required. Drivers can elect to put themselves in YARD mode or PERSONAL CONVEYANCE as allowed by regulation.

Available in two versions: Owner / Operators and Fleet Management

Owner / Operators

  • Easy HOS Management of Driving, Shift, Cycle
  • Yard Moves, and Personel usage
  •  Access logs in APP or at home via website
  •  Simple Sending of Logs to FMCSA eRODS system
  •  Hours of Service Real-Time Summary
  •  Field Maintenance
  •  DVIRs with Video and Voice Integration
  •  State Miles Capture & Reports
  •  Driver Safety Scorecards
  •  Monthly HOS ELD Safety Scorecard
  •  Unassigned Driving Resolution
  •  Engine Events
  •  Bar Code Scanning
  •  Canadian & US HOS Rules Automation
  •  Multi-Language Support
  •  Start My Day Driver Workflows

SmartPhone Sample Screens – Owner / Operator

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Fleet Management

  • Fleet-Wide Data Metrics
  • Real-Time Text notifications
  • Field Device Battery Monitoring
  • GPS Maps History
  • Three Way Driver Dispatch
  • Real-Time Delivery Tracking
  • Real-Time Detention Alerts
  • Hours of Service Real-Time Summary
  •  Automated Arrival/Departure Reports
  • Geofencing
  • Complete Asset (Power Unit) History
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Field Maintenance
  • DVIRs with Video & Voice Integration
  • State Miles Capture
  • Driver Safety Scorecards
  • Quick Fleet Wide CSA Points Audit
  • Monthly HOS ELD Safety Scorecard
  • Custom Driver Safety Letters
  • Mechanic Interface for DVIR Repairs
  • Fleet Maintenance Scheduling
  • Unassigned Driving Resolution
  • Unassigned Driving Resolution
  • Engine Events
  • Major Vendor Fuel Card Imports
  • Over 10 Hours of Training Videos
  • Driver Data Retention Mgmt.
  • Messages Read Aloud to Driver
  • Electronic Docs Delivery & Signature
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Canadian & US HOS Rules Automation
  • Incident Reporting & Data Capture
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Start My Day Driver Workflows

Sample Screen – HOS Summary

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Sample Screen – HOS Detail

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