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The Patented MVT-360 Integrated Side Mirror Video Display System

The MVT-360 Integrated Side Mirror Video Display System was designed and developed following best practice guidelines and is unique in its ability to provide improved safety, increased productivity and to reduce liability and insurance costs to owner/operators and fleet based operations in the Transportation, Construction, Municipal and Heavy Equipment sectors.

  • Available for All Vehicle Types
  • Configurable Display Options
  • Excellent Clarity in All Conditions
  • Affordable Retro-Fit Kits
  • Meets All Department of Transport Standards (DOT)

(Patents: Canada – #CA 2726186 and USA – #US 8670035 B2)

It’s all about Safety & Situational Awareness!

The Integrated Side Mirror Video System displays video, from up to four cameras, into the side view mirror of any size vehicle.

This provides drivers with a direct view when looking forward and allows them to always keep their eyes on the road and be aware of situations outside of the vehicle.

When maneuvering the vehicle, drivers only need to glance into the side mirror to see what’s happening around them.

Mirror Display vs. Inside Cab Display

Modern trucks are being built with dash-integrated camera vision systems.

This approach requires drivers to look down and inside the truck while manoeuvring, instead of looking outside the cab at the mirror.

The Integrated Side Mirror Video Display System allows drivers to always keep their eyes on the road and on the areas outside the vehicle.



A removable cable connects the mirror to the touch screen system which can be mounted on the dash.

The cameras and mirror heater are controlled from the touch screen system, along with LCD brightness and image selection

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